Sustainable mobility
for everybody.

Scalable tech for connected electric mobility & retrofitting.

We believe in the sustainable power of electric vehicles.
To release it's full potential, we create technology to simplify the creation of connected electric vehicles and make retrofitting old vehicles easier and cheaper.


Electric cars have the potential to drastically lower our carbon footprint and remidy airpolution around the world. In order to be truly environmentally friendly, they have to be long-lasting, repairable, upgradeable and recyclable. We design technology in that regard and work to give rise to truly sustainable mobility.

Open Source

We think the future of things belongs to Open Source hardware. With the digtal manufacturing revolution (3D-Printing, CNC-Milling etc.) material goods will be produced more locally and on demand. We see Open Source as an essential part of sustainability and it will help to build better cars.

Why retrofitting / upgrading cars with electric drivetrains is a good idea:

Cars consume around 70 tons of raw material in production. With retrofiiting it possible to save up to 90% of the resources needed to get electric cars on the road. The chart down below shows the CO2 footprint of the different car types, which gives a good impression on the environmental footprint of the individual types of cars. Add renewable energy to the mix and you have a truly sustainable form of mobility.

Connected mobility environment

Superpower of the internet for your cars

Connectivity enables cars to be shared easier with the people around you. Further more does it help you with charging and taking the most sustainable route. It increases the security and servicability and allows your cars to be easily monetized.

carion gaze

One gaze, distraction free.

GAZE shows you all the information you need while driving and operating your car. It helps you with navigation and controlling all essential functions of your car to give you the most safe and relaxed joyride you deserve.

  • Adaptive interface
  • Digital speedometer / EV-Meter
  • State of charge and range approximation
  • Navigation
  • 3G/4G connectivity
  • Canbus interface
  • Works without connectivity as well
  • Fits many vintage and new vehicles,
    including VW, Porsche, Fiat, Ford and more.

carion app

Your car at your fingertips.

The Carion APP enables you to geolocate your car, share it with your loved ones and order services which ease your daily rides. It is semlessly integrated with GAZE and the rest of our connected mobility environment.

  • Vehicle status and location
  • Trusted sharing / keymanagement
  • charging and routing
  • On demand services
  • vehicle monetization

carion dash

We help you to optimize your electric fleet.

The Carion DASH allows you to easily monitor and service your fleet of cars and helps you to build a mobility service around them. Be it driving people around in the city or logistics, building and operrating a new mobility service is easy with DASH.

If you are building cars with Carion, DASH helps you to stay in touch with the vehicles you have build and service your customers more easily.

  • fleet metrics
  • routing
  • predictive maintenance
  • utility optimization
  • usage optimization
  • fleet monetization

Interested in our connected fleet solutions?

Open Source Hardware
to make sustainable mobility scalable and affordable.

We work to make the upcycling of millions of vehicles attractive and affordable.

Our hubmotor-drivetrain is designed for low cost, high efficiency, and easy installation.

It is build around a novel axial-flux motor technology and a twin inverter+charger design which makes retrofitting a car in a couple of hours a reality. Fully integrated with our connectivity platform.

If you are a vehicle builder or retrofitter, or would like to become one, stay tuned for updates comming soon on our connected electric drivetrain technology.


Join the Carion community

Become a Partner in the Carion network. Build and host mobility services. Become a local electric vehicle manufacturer. Supply parts and services to the community.

We think electric vehicles do not mean that all the people working in automotive will loose their job. In contrast we think that the opposite will be the case and that a new web of economical activity will be created. We are working towards building a community of entrepreneurs, big and small, that all work towards transforming our transportation system to zero carbon as soon as possible.

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